Architect Ayşe Kubilay, who completed her architectural education with an honour degree, started her career in 2002.

Between the years 2007-2014 , as one of th co-founders of Giza Design , the architect has contributed in many architectural & interior design projects .

In 2011 she founded her own architectural firm AYŞE KUBİLAY ARCHITECTURE, continues her works since then.

In every project, the architect emphasizes on bringing out the concept of elegance, aesthetics and simplicity, while strongly complementing the user profile and the functionality of the spaces accordingly. The projects which are mainly specialised around hotel designs, offer the comfort of a home that feels luxurious and live. Apart from the creative process of design, the architectural firm finds the best and fastest solutions to architectural and technical details, offering the client a more extensive service. As the architect is highly experienced in hotel designs, the spaces are well managed and as a result the unnecessary expanses are avoided in the projects.

AYŞE KUBILAY ARCHITECTURE takes the projects from early planning stage to construction supervision in various scales with the most skilled and experienced team. With the firm’s excellent evaluation of the cost and time management, the projects are prominently distinguished at the application stage.